The Path to Nowhere?

by Lilly Kennerson

Age: 9

From: Coventry

Fun Fact:

Lilly loves sport and really enjoys hockey.

    One cold December morning, the local shopping mall was packed full of people shopping for shiny Christmas decorations and one of those people was Bella. Bella was an average eleven year old who lived in a tiny, old and dusty house on the edge of town. Her mum, Mrs Catherine Wormwood, and dad, Mr George Wormwood, had both lost their jobs and the family barely had any money . Bella would often stay at home as when she went out she would get bullied by everyone she walked past.


    Bella often looked out of her bedroom window and stared at the fog covered mountain, in the distance, she liked to think that it was wearing a big fluffy jumper. One day, as Bella looked at the mountain, she saw a light as bright as the sun coming from next to it. That night she couldn’t sleep and decided to set up a plan for the next day. In the morning, Bella leapt out of her cozy bed and ran downstairs, grabbed a bottle of cold water and a sandwich and then headed out the door and towards the mountain...

Are you intrigued by the bright light coming from next to the mountain? Could you write the middle of this story and take the reader further into the journey? If so then grab a piece of paper and write, write, write!

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