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This is your chance to take the story in any direction!

OK, so you've chosen your favourite beginning and now feel inspired to write the middle. Hopefully the characters that you've read about make you smile, or intrigue you, so let's see where they can go and what adventures they get up to!

And don't forget, it's your special imagination that will make this come to life, so don't hold back!

Think about how you would like the reader to feel, during the story.

Try to use lots of adjectives and adverbs to make the characters, settings and actions come to life.

What is the main character/s trying to achieve. Don't forget about this as it will shape the ending when it's written.

Introduce new characters. Who are they? Where have they come from? What do they add to the story?

You could reveal a secret or hidden piece of information. Maybe something from the past that makes the present relevant.

It's OK for the main character to fail in their task as you can show how they overcome this.

All of the characters don't have to be good.

Give your characters choices.

Let the reader know when things are happening, such as straight away, tomorrow or next year.

Along with your amazing 'middle' please can you include:




Hospital name

Contact details

One amazing fact about yourself!

If you have any drawings that relate to your story, then please feel free to send them in too.