Image by Daniel Cheung

The Ending

Image by Jon Tyson

Let's create the best ending EVER!

OK, so you've chosen a story that really grabs you, makes you smile and inspires your imagination, now it's your chance to write the ending! Dig deep, give it your best shot and look forward to the sense of achievement when it's finished!

This is your chance to shine!

The reader has already met the characters and become attached to the plot, but where will the ending take them?

Remember, you don't have to follow the obvious choice, why not think of something different?

Make sure that you tie up any loose ends, or questions that the story has created, so far.

The reader needs to feel happy that the ending answers all questions.

Could there be a twist and turn at the end? Maybe everything isn't as the reader thought.

You could really create a 'WOW' moment here that will make everyone remember the story!

Most importantly, have fun! Writing the end of the story really gives you the chance to express yourself and be creative.

Enjoy and good luck!

Along with your amazing 'ending' please can you include:




Hospital name

Contact details

One amazing fact about yourself!

If you have any drawings that relate to your story, then please feel free to send them in too.