Sassy Pirates: Lava Lake

by Eva Lily Coles

Age: 9 

From: Solihull

Fun Fact:

Eva wants to be an author when she grows up and is a huge bookworm. She is very funny and loves singing and dancing.

On a sunny school day in June, Bobby McFarginson was sitting in her English class, waiting for the second lunch bell to ring. Bobby was a lesson-hater and was always the first one out. But this time, she was the last. You see, Bobby was doing a test and had to stay in for five extra minutes because she NEVER, EVER finished a test before lunch.

“But Miss Abrinsure! I need to go outside! I NEED fresh air! I…I…” she pleaded.

“Bobby, who is the teacher? I believe I am, not you. You will have fresh air in five minutes!. Any more arguing and you will get detention. Now, get on or it will be ten minutes!” the teacher replied.

All Bobby could do was slump off and do the test.  Suddenly, a bell rang, followed by a loudspeaker. This could only mean one thing. Lunch!


Bobby jumped up, and sped through the hall to the field. Before she reached the end of the field, she turned right into the cleaning supply room, then dashed down the stairs towards the underground emergency room where she slowed down and tiptoed through the echoing room. When she reached the Other Flight of Stairs, she slid down and reached the Second Emergency Room. Three other people were already there, sitting on dark, black chairs. Bobby’s long brown hair fell messily out of its ponytail.

“Hello, Bobby!” came a cheerful voice from the third seat.

“Oh hi Katy! Sorry I was late, Milly, I…”

“Got held up in a test? Thought so. But you’re not as late as Camila. Kristina said that she got a ten minute detention. The shortest detention EVER!  Anyway, take a seat.”

“Do you want me to do your hair? Come here”, said a girl with beautiful brown hair, called Milly. She was sitting in the middle, next to a tall blonde girl with heavy make-up. This was Kristina.

Katy was the other side of Milly, a bouncy, excited person with blue eyes and black hair. Suddenly a white-haired girl burst down the stairs.

“Hello Camila!” laughed Katy.

“Woo wee! I’m so puffed out! I had ten minutes detention!” panted Camila.

“We know”, said Milly blankly.

Bobby sat down just as Kristina got up.

“Uh, guys, something terrible has happened! My pinkie’s fake nail has gone MISSING! MISSING!”, shrieked Kristina as though the world had exploded.

“Chill out, Kris”, smiled Bobby comfortingly.

“Don’t you DARE CALL ME KRIS! Call me Tina. And this is a horrible tragedy. So don’t call me Kris”, screamed Kris, no, Kristina.


Suddenly there was a loud noise outside. Bobby, Katy, Camila and Milly all ran out of the room.

 “But what about my – oh, I have to go, don’t I?” muttered Kristina.

When the rest of the girls reached the surface, they were all confused. There was no disruption at all in the field.

“Did you all hear the bang?” asked Milly as Kristina entered the field.

“Oh yes, I did,” answered Bobby and Katy.


There it was again, but no one else seemed too bothered about it.

“Where did it come from?” asked Katy, looking worried.

“Over by the bush, I think”, replied Milly.

Then, before anyone could stop her, Bobby dashed over to the bush and climbed underneath it!

“Bobby don’t! Don’t go underneath it! Everyone, stay away!” ordered Milly, but Katy disobeyed and ran over.

“Katy”, moaned Milly.

“Sorry, but she’s my BEST friend. I will protect her!” said Katy as she ducked underneath the bush.

Soon Camila joined Bobby and Katy, so the only thing Milly could do was follow. That meant only Kristina was left.

“But my nails, they’re my friends!’ she said to herself.

Eventually she headed over to the bush and climbed underneath it. Bobby, Katy, Milly and Camilla were all standing there, none of them could believe what they saw - a beautiful boat.

Where did the beautiful boat come from and where could it be going? Could you write the middle of this story and take the reader further into the journey? If so, pick up a piece of paper and pen and write, write, write!



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