• Claire Joy

A game of Consequences.

The idea came from a game of Consequences. A game that my 10-year-old self played, at Christmas, surrounded by a host of slightly tipsy relatives.

As the paper was passed around the room, Uncle Oliver would start telling us about a completely unrelated fishing trip, Grandad would get the giggles and Grandma and Auntie Cis would sit back and enjoy a rather large G & T. The final drawing was always a mix of childish innocence, sensible attire and a style from a bygone era that was both intriguing and entertaining. Our game, without fail, was always followed by wartime stories of Bungawola. Did they really ride on the back of a crocodile, down the Amazon?

So, roll on a great many years and I find myself sat at home, during a global pandemic, listening to the relentless chattering's of my 7 and 4-year-old. How many other households are experiencing this groundhog day and what would happen if we somehow mashed the wonderful world of children's crazy imaginations together, to form a story? The beginning, middle and end, each written by a different child.

Like Consequences, no one knows what comes next.

I guess parallels can be drawn with our current lockdown situation.


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