Candylicious, the Magical Dragon Pet.

by Meggie Joy

Age: 7

From: Woodcote, Oxfordshire

Fun Fact:

Meggie loves Harry Potter and to play with her Lego.

Once upon a time there was a pretty girl called Lily. She always wore black tights, a silky white skirt and a sparkly jumper. She loved football and liked to carry one with her everywhere. She lived in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Each year her city had a huge carnival, that was famous all around the world. Lily loved to go and one day, as she watched all of the colours, she noticed a big hole behind a shiny metal bin and decided to crawl through it. Lily found herself in a beautiful world, full of broccoli, gummy trees and amazing sweets and her football had turned into a giant gumball!! An army of fierce ice-cream soldiers approached, saluted and took her to Mayor Jellybean.

“Hello. I am Mayor Jellybean. Nice to meet you. What is your name?”

“Errrr, I am Lily and I am ten years old”.

Mayor Jellybean introduced Lily to Queen Marzipan and King Gingerbread. The King was very lazy and didn’t stand up to say hello and the Queen smiled politely but then did a big loud burp, that smelt of old gummy socks! At the side of them was their pet who looked just like magical Candylicious, Lily’s toy dragon. On the other side was a curious spider called Lollipop. He had a strawberry lace top hat, swirly lollipop legs, liquorice lips and a tiny glass monocle that he called a ‘thingy’. The spider and Candylicious were the best of friends. Cute Candylicious lived on the top of Ice Cream Mountain, the highest mountain in Candyland.

As Lily was human, the people of Candyland called on her to rescue them. They had a problem and needed a hero to help them out. The angry raisins, who lived in a dark cave sneaked out every night to steal the colour from the candy people. The candy people were afraid because after 200 sucks on the sweets, the raisins would become rainbows and the sweets would disappear, forever! They didn’t have much time left and King Gingerbread and Queen Marzipan told Lily that if she saved Candyland from the raisins they would make her a princess.

Lily decided that she needed to lure the angry raisins to the magic candy door and banish them from Candyland forever. But first she needed to unlock it. The legend of the magical key was first discovered by the unknown candy god and told to Lily by the lollipop spider. To find the key, Lily would need to face many ancient obstacles: an angry elephant and a giant ferocious guinea pig, with a deadly scratch. Guarding the magical door were 100 miniature stone gingerbread guards whose stomp could crush a person.

Lily set off on her mission to help the people of Candyland. She walked through a field of dangerous poppies and soon fell fast asleep as baby pink sherbet dust sprinkled down on her. Luckily Candylicious, the magical dragon, had followed Lily and rescued her. She picked her up, laid her on the soft grass and licked her cheek. As Lily and Candylicious talked together, the dragon revealed her plan. Her magic candyfloss tummy was able to make rainbow bubblegum which she could poo out, in bubbles, and throw at her enemies, using the swish of her tail. This would cover them in a sticky multi-coloured mess! Lily was very shocked and surprised to hear this but was happy that she finally had someone to help he

Did Lily manage to find the magical key to the candy door? Could you write the middle of this story and take the reader further into the journey? If so, pick up a piece of paper and pen and write, write, write!

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