The Canbow Dragon

by Tilly Scott

Age: 7

From: Woodcote, Oxfordshire

Fun Fact:

Tilly loves puzzles, having mermaid hair and doing handstands on her trampoline.

    It was an ordinary day in the Land of Canbow Dragons. Candy, who was a rainbow dragon, was worried. She had talked to her brother, Skittles, and her sister, Fruitella. Now it was time she called a meeting. She must discuss the mean man who wanted to rule her home, the Land of Canbow Dragons. Candy knew what she must do.  She needed help. She called the best person to help. She called Shelby.


   Shelby was a nice girl who liked adventures.  She was kind and brave, which was good for an adventurer, but she was also shy, just like Candy. Being an adventurer was easy for Shelby because strange things often seemed to happen to her.  For example, one day when Shelby had been walking home from school, she had come through the gate and a wishing well had appeared out of nowhere!  Shelby had been very excited and feeling in her pocket she found the small coin that she had left from her visit to the cake shop. Shelby made a wish, closed her eyes and threw the coin into the well.

What was Shelby's wish and did it come true? Could you write the middle of this story and take the reader further into the journey? If so then grab a piece of paper and write, write, write!

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