To The Rescue

by Georgia Gregory

Age: 9

From: the East Midlands

Fun Fact:

Georgia likes to compose her own music.

    “Help! Help!” screamed a little voice from the lake. As the wind blew furiously and the raindrops poured down like silver needles hitting the ground, a shadow appeared from the sharp vines.

” You there, help me!” shouted Mia. She then heard the monkey sound “oo oo oo” coming from the forest. 

A dark shadow crept closer and closer. Mia was frightened. She then realised that the shadow was a monkey. It came so close and grabbed her paw.

“Gotcha” said the monkey, confidently.

“Thank you, Sir”, said Mia, relieved that she was out of the river.

“Don’t call me Sir! My name is Chelsea, Cheeky Chelsea”.

“Erm… err… I shouldn’t really be talking to a stranger”, said Mia nervously, shivering from the cold water, “but anyway, nice to meet you Chelsea. My name is Cat… err… err.. I mean Miacat… err… I mean haaahh…sorry, I am really shy and ccccold”.

“It’s ok”, said Chelsea, confidently, “would you like to come to my house for a bit to warm up? I have hot milk and bananas and I can give you a blanket“.

 “That sounds purrrfect!”, Mia said happily.

Chelsea showed Mia the way and they walked together like best friends.

Why was Mia in the lake? Could you write the middle of this story and take the reader further into the journey? If so then grab a piece of paper and write, write, write!

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